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In the following Terms and Conditions are described the responsibilities and the obligations of the client and Ikaria Activities for any activity (ies) that are booked with us. All the participants to our activities, agree that their bookings will be subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Ikaria Activities

The Ikaria Activities platform is a platform that is used by the client in order to book and participate in one or more of the offered activities.

The Ikaria activities is a private company based in Xylosyrti Ikaria with TAX Number 077141763.

Client/Participant to the Activities

The Clients are the participants to our activities, having booked the activity directly via the platform.

Client’s obligations:

(i) The clients participating in our activities, must show the appropriate social behavior, comply with the program and be on time for every scheduled activity. For activities lost due to the client’s fault no compensation is entitled.

(ii) The clients should study the activities requirements and terms of participation. Ignorance of the participation terms is not justified and, when a client creates problems in the proper functioning of the service of the activity, entitles the tutor of the activity to disregard the inconsistent client. Since the activities will be lost due to the client’s fault no compensation is entitled.

(iii) If a client is affected by a condition, medical or otherwise, that might affect him/her during the performance of the activities, he/she must advise us at the time of booking. 

3. Agreement

The Client upon booking an activity, automatically accepts all Terms of participation, entering an agreement with Ikaria Activities.

The participants also declare upon booking an activity, that he/she understands and accepts possible risks involving the activities.

A binding contract between the Ikaria Activities Company and the Client comes into existence when we send by e-mail, a Booking Confirmation. Via separate e-mail, the clients will be sent the respective Invoices. As soon as you receive the confirmation / invoice e-mails, you must check if all the details appearing thereon are correct and notify immediately Ikaria Activities in order to correct possible mistakes. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date that Ikaria Activities sends a confirmation.

The contract, including all matters arising from it, is subjected to Greek law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Courts.

4. Prices

The prices appearing in our web site are per person. In the site you will also find a full description of each offered activity.

All prices are in EURO.

Prices are calculated for an average number of participants, they are accurate at the date they have been published and Ikaria Activities reserve the right to modify them at any time.

5. Booking

Booking, directly via our booking form in our website platform, is valid under the following conditions:

(i) The Client must fill in the activity form and pay the full payment of the activity (ies) that chose to participate in.

(ii)The Client has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions appearing in this section and general information contained on our website. Payment, in any way, shall be presumed as the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the traveler.

(iii) The Client or anyone else on the booking has to declare if he/she suffered or have ever suffered from any pre-existing medical condition, which may prevent him/her from actively participating in the activities.

(iv) The Client accepts (and on behalf of all the people included in the booking if this is the case) possible risks involved in the activities.

6. Payment

Clients may pay by all means of cards (credit, prepaid, debit cards). All payments are charged in euro.

7. Cancellation

(a) By Ikaria Activities

Ikaria Activities reserves the right to cancel the scheduled activities in any circumstances but will not less than 3 days before the scheduled activity day, except due to force majeure or security reasons.

If an activity is cancelled due to the failure to complete the minimum number of participants (where required), Ikaria Activities will notify you at least 3 days prior the scheduled activity day. In such cases, Ikaria Activities will either refund the amount paid or offer an alternative activity or offer the client the same activity at a different day, where possible.

In case of refund, the procedure will be completed up to 13 days.

(b) By the Client

Should the client wish to cancel, cancellation fees will be imposed.

In case the client cancels his/her participation 48 hours before the time that the booked activity will take place), the total cost will be fefunded.

In case the client cancels his/her participation 48 hours after the time that the booked activity will take place, the total cost must be paid to Ikaria Activities.

8. Program Modifications

(a) By Ikaria Activities

While Ikaria Activities does its best to operate all activities as scheduled and advertised, reasonable changes in the schedule may be made considered necessary. Ikaria Activities reserves the right to change any of the activities/services described in the website before a booking is made. Any known significant change will be acquainted to the client at the time of booking.

If significant changes are made after the booking but prior to the activity, that alter the character of the service/activity, the client will have the choice of accepting it, purchasing an alternative activity or cancelling the activity and obtaining a full refund.

The operator of the activity has the right, aiming to the clients’ security and also to the optimum performance of the service/activity, in case of any unpredictable incident or due to force majeure, to make adjustments to the activity. If, due to force majeure the service/activity is interrupt, Ikaria Activities will do every effort to refund the clients for the services they did not received.

(b) By the Client

If the client chooses to change the booked activity or the date of the activity, the client must cancel the booked activity and execute the procedure from the beginning.

9. Ikaria Activities Responsibility

Clients’ bookings are accepted on the understanding that they appreciate the possible risks inherent in the activities and that they undertake the offered activities at their own volition. Ikaria Activities place extreme importance on the safety of the clients. It is important, however, for clients to realize that they are responsible for making themselves aware of the risks involved and are responsible for making their decisions accordingly.

Ikaria Activities shall not be liable to compensate clients for associated expenses incurred as a result of their booking.

Ikaria Activities accepts no liability for any circumstance arising pursuant to the agreement constituted by acceptance of these conditions by the client, except where such circumstance derives directly from a failure by Ikaria Activities to use due diligence in the selection of the operators of the activities.

10. Clients- Acceptance of risk

The client acknowledges that the nature of activities may involve a significant amount of risk to clients’ health and/or safety. To the full extent permissible by law the client hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release Ikaria Activities from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages or injuries or death resulting from the risks inherent in participating in activities such as the offered activities.

Issue date: April 2022

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