Enjoy the most beautiful sunset of the North Aegean area

Akamatra was the capital of Ikaria for 4 centuries...and you have to find out why......

Nealia beach is on the south coast, east of Therma village. It is remote, surrounded by green hills.

Kamba is located on the Northern side of the island

Fourni island also known as Fourni Korseon….the small, heavenly with crystal blue sea waters, cluster of islands closed to Ikaria


One of the most popular touristic villages in the south, Faros (or Fanari) is located at the eastern end of the island.

This seaside village is a jewel that waits to be explored...

Therma, east of Agios Kirykos on the south coast, is known throughout Greece and abroad for its thermal sea baths.

Agios Kirikos is the largest settlement and the main port of Ikaria. It owes its name to Saint Kirikos who came from Konya in Asia Minor and was martyred as an infant.

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